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Herberg de Aanleg
Marcel Jansen and Alinda te Woerd
Kikkerstraat 1
1795 AA De Cocksdorp
Tel: 0222 316207

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How does Herberg de Aanleg deal with the developments surrounding the corona virus?
Of course we also have to deal with the measures as a result of the Corona virus. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM and the emergency ordinance in the North Holland North region.

This means that all our rooms and country houses can be rented out, provided that the generally applicable guidelines are followed.
This means that you can simply rent accommodation with people in your own household.
If you are staying in 1 accommodation together with guests outside of your own household, this is possible for up to 1 extra person. 
During your stay, keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other (inside and outside). This also applies to the contact with the other guests who stay with us.
If you become ill during your stay, you must inform us.

Naturally, we closely follow the developments surrounding the virus. As soon as there are new measures, we will inform our guests about this.

Update corona virus on Texel 30/03/2021
You can follow the most current situation via We also advise you to consult the RIVM site for official information about the coronavirus and health advice.

Finally, you can of course also contact us with other questions.
We wish you a very pleasant and above all a healthy stay!

Marcel & Alinda


         Guests give us an average of 8.5

Debby Williams

It was our first time on Texel and we stayed in one of the family houses. It was perfect! There was plenty of room for the whole family and we were near the beach and the little town Cocksdorp with nice shops and cafes. The Aanleg restaurant was great too for lunch or dinner.

A. Palmer

The apartment we stayed in was in a great location and the rooms were lovely and very comfortable. We had everything we needed and the owners were friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend it.